Black Bread

We are a professional network of Black Russian-speakers

Black Bread members are based primarily in New York City & Washington, DC, but many reside throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

We represent a wide range of career fields – academia, non-profit & private sectors, government, the arts, intelligence, and more – yet are connected through our love of all things Russian.

We also work to encourage more Black students to learn Russian and to study abroad in former Soviet countries.

Combined, we speak varying degrees of over fifteen languages of the former Soviet Union and elsewhere, and have direct overseas experience on every continent of the world. 

Members come first.

Black Bread's highest priority is ensuring that members have online access to the professional resources & personal support of a growing community of Black Russian-speakers. Member newsletters, online social networking, happy hours, and other events bring together Russophiles who have typically felt isolated in their interest in Russia.